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Originally Posted by jaylewis19 View Post
going to pick my beardie up this week just wondering what brand supplements everyone think are the best so i can get them before i get him.

Also how often do i feed him veggies? hes 6 months old
Right, i give my 4 month olds Nutrobal which is multi-vitamins about 4 times/week and i give them pure calcium powder 3 times a week. if they are a bit under the weather i will give them more calcium. Basically just dust their food with it. Also make sure you have the correct uv light to give them vitamin D3.

I give mine watercress, grapes and tomatoes every day. They're doing really well on their veg/fruit considering their age. Every beardie is different though, yours may not like veg so much, so you have to slowly introduce different things to him/her. They eat more live food at that age, when they reach adulthood they eat more veg/fruit.

Hope this helps
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