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Default UV Controller Size

Hi there knowledgeable people, I had ago at building a viv for a beardie, but due to some measurement issues it only come out as 3'x2'x2' from reading here I understand that this would not be big enough for an adult but not bad for a youngster, so will be going back to school to learn proper measuring to make a 4'-5' one shortly.

So obviously the UV light would be smaller in the 3' viv than the 4'-5' one so does this mean that I would have to buy 2 different wattage controllers or could I buy 1 for the larger viv and run a tube suitable for the smaller 1 for a few months whilst I am being schooled in basic maths again,

Also I have an old Hagen Tropiquarium68 fish tank that has 2 15 watt tubes in could I use this but using 2 tubes side by side instead of 1 long tube, it also has a built in timer that could be used for the light cycle.

As usual all advise is greatfully accepted.

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