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Question More questions/advice please

Does anyone know if curly kale is okay for Beardies ? - checked imp's food chart - but not sure if the leaves wer chopped small if it would still be okay....

Also found newish product rubbstrate - on the live foods by post site (a UK based company) basically rubber formed pieces of substrate eg bark /slate pieces -which can be washed and re-used. The blurb states should be safe as far as any nasty toxic smells etc.. quote from site

" RubbStrate is a revolutionary rubber substrate for use with Reptiles such as snakes and lizards, Available in 1kg and 5kg bags this substrate looks identical to natural wood mulch substrates -only its made from rubber making it fully washable and re-useable!
  • Rubbstrate will not rot or mould like wood based substrates
  • Rubbstrate will not harbour mites or bacteria like wood based substrates
  • Rubbstrate is completely re-useable unlike wood based substrates
Is Rubbstrate safe?
  • Rubbstrate is made using a special process from solid rubber chunks,
  • it is not made of recyled pneumatic tyres - there is no metal and no fibre contamination
  • Rubbstrate is colored with UV stable organic pigments only, the colouring process uses no glues, dyes or solvents.
  • Rubbstrate is completely non toxic if accidently ingested - it has a "Toy safe" classification
  • Rubbstrate has been flammability tested to BS5852
How much do I need?
  • 1kg of RubbStrate will cover approximately 1 square foot of vivarium to a depth of 1"
Can my reptile become impacted using RubbStrate?
  • There is a slight risk of imapction using ANY LOOSE PARTICLE SUBSTRATE. The risk is no greater than using wood based substrates, obviously you need to choose the right substrate to match your animal. However because RubbStrate is made of soft rubber flakes they shouldnt become lodged or cause damage like a large cypress mulch wood splinter would do. "
Check the site for images and price

It's sounds good and more cost effective long term - has anyone tried it out - if so what are your thoughts ?

Also last night in the SE UK - air felt really hot/stuffy - stormy - and Godzilla - kinda of went a bit loopy - kicking up sand/ stomping in his water and veggie bowls/ scrabbling up at the glass doors - is this due to the weather conditions / normal behaviour ...?

Thanks peeps BeardieG
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