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Originally Posted by beardies_r_us View Post
Right, i give my 4 month olds Nutrobal which is multi-vitamins about 4 times/week and i give them pure calcium powder 3 times a week. if they are a bit under the weather i will give them more calcium. Basically just dust their food with it. Also make sure you have the correct uv light to give them vitamin D3.

I give mine watercress, grapes and tomatoes every day. They're doing really well on their veg/fruit considering their age. Every beardie is different though, yours may not like veg so much, so you have to slowly introduce different things to him/her. They eat more live food at that age, when they reach adulthood they eat more veg/fruit.

Hope this helps
Tomatoes and grapes shoud only be fed as a treat as they are high in phosphor and can be hard for dragons to digest, it can also interfere with theyre absorbtion of calcium.

Good staples are cress, spring greens, watercress, rocket and butternut squash.
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