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Originally Posted by JackieL View Post
Tomatoes and grapes shoud only be fed as a treat as they are high in phosphor and can be hard for dragons to digest, it can also interfere with theyre absorbtion of calcium.

Good staples are cress, spring greens, watercress, rocket and butternut squash.
I'm sorry, i should've been more precise...

Grapes... I cut one into quarters, and give them a bit each in the middle of the day so they have enough light throughout the rest of the day to digest it. They do prefer to lick it than eat it though..

Tomatoes... I don't feed the tomatoes to them whole. i do the same with grapes, cut one into quarters and hand feed them the juice from it, not the skin. The babies rarely drink the water so i'm using the tomato juice to atleast keep their throats moist, as well as spraying them and dropping water onto their noses. Again, i do this in the middle of the day.

I do give them cress, watercress, sweet potato (rarely) and butternut squash. As well as cucumber (rarely) and apples. I have looked to buy rocket, but in the description it says it has a peppery flavour and i wasn't sure if that would do more harm then good?
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