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> As the title suggests i am new to owning snakesI am now the proud
> owner of an Anna Corn Snake, apart from him wanting to eat me
> everytime i go to pick him up ITS GREAT!!!
> Just wondering is it normal for him to "S" posistion at me EVERY time i
> go to get him out to handle him

Snakes even little snakes can be very intimidating, and it's not necessarily the bite that hurts, but the quick movement that surprises you.

A corn snake will probably calm down very quickly. Handle it regularly for a couple of minutes at a time and gradually lengthen the time. I had a bitey carpet python who struck at me every time I got her out for several weeks. The first time I handled her without a strike was a real achievement. It took her 3 months to become laid back enough for me to trust her (as far as you trust any snake), and now she's a real sweety.

get a pair of thin leather gloves (B&Q do gardening gloves). You should then be able to go straight in and pick her up without hesitating cos she can't hurt you. This confidence will rub off on her and she will become less stressed as well. Within a very short time you won't need the gloves.

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