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Originally Posted by JackieL View Post
Rocket is fine to give, providing it's washed etc;

Tomato is a no no. I wouldn't feed it to any dragon.

Grapes are a treat only.

Best staples are butternut squash, cress and spring greens. Spring greens can be purchased in Sainsburys for 99p for a big bag. Cress can also be found in Sainsburys for 25p per pot.

Dragons can't see still water so well. Best way to keep them hydrated is to soak/bath them. They absorb water through theyre vent.

An indication to your dragons hydration is in his/her toilet .
Ok, if i'm doing wrong then i'm sorry. I've just been following websites' guidelines... like this one for example:

UK Bearded Dragons Feeding Guide

I soak/bath them 1-2 times per week, sometimes more if they're shedding.

I never knew that, thats a good tip. well im relieved to say my lot are well hydrated
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