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Wink Album

Hi Guys

Thanks - have managed to create an album for other members to view (i think that#s the settings ? - still fumbling my way around forums ) Please feel free to peek/comment - however layout changed since these pics taken - as we replaced the sand recently - due to distinctive 'smell' - but still there.....any thoughts ?

Will try and add the 'new' look -as not planning on big clean out just yet....

Also - I've read lots of advice on 'gut loading' crickets with mealworms - we tried adding a few mealworms to ours - but they don't seem to be eating them else do you get crickets to eat the mealworms ?

One other thing - I guessing this is 'normal' behaviour from what I've read in the forum so far... the crazy scrabbling at the back of the viv and up the glass doors - however when we get him out sometimes there is a bit of wriggling then he settles - we stroke very gentley on the top between the eyes down to the soft neck bit - which he seems to be chill about - as he often closes his eyes - or one with the other half open and then does the other eye ! - and hanging limp...
However today, after a slightly made wriggling - noticed though the eyes seemed to be relaxed -his tail was kept up, slightly curved....

Remind me - how many crickets in a day (we try to give him the live stuff every other day) - he's about 15"....

Last edition - is he likely to shed - if so what are the signs ?

Thanks to all - hope you're able to see the pics BeardieG
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