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4ft vivarium is better for an adult.
I get my temps 105f for basking and around 80-85 at cool end. We use a 60w basking spot bulb, hooked up to a dimistat.
What UVB tube are you using, 10%-12% is recommended. We use the Arcadia d3+ 12% tube.
Feed fresh greens everyday. Dust livefood with calcium once a day and vitamin once/twice a week.
I put greens in every morning and clean small waterbowl (I use rainwater for my reps). And feed livefood at about 12ish.
As long as husbandry is spot on, shedding should be fine. It may make them grumpythough and this is normal.
Bathe whenever you want to. I now bath mine, once every 2 weeks (unless they need it).

Your Bd will very much be CB, exportation of native animals from australia was banned sometime ago so, no more WC ones about. (Anyone may correct me if I'm wrong!)

Hope that helps,
Can't think of anything else at the 'mo!


Edit: Almost forgot! Get rid of the heatmat. Can cause serious damage and not needed. Get your basking spot up to temp and the ambient in your tank should be fine.
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