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Originally Posted by BeardieG View Post
Hi Guys

Thanks - have managed to create an album for other members to view (i think that#s the settings ? - still fumbling my way around forums ) Please feel free to peek/comment - however layout changed since these pics taken - as we replaced the sand recently - due to distinctive 'smell' - but still there.....any thoughts ?

Will try and add the 'new' look -as not planning on big clean out just yet....

Also - I've read lots of advice on 'gut loading' crickets with mealworms - we tried adding a few mealworms to ours - but they don't seem to be eating them else do you get crickets to eat the mealworms ?

One other thing - I guessing this is 'normal' behaviour from what I've read in the forum so far... the crazy scrabbling at the back of the viv and up the glass doors - however when we get him out sometimes there is a bit of wriggling then he settles - we stroke very gentley on the top between the eyes down to the soft neck bit - which he seems to be chill about - as he often closes his eyes - or one with the other half open and then does the other eye ! - and hanging limp...
However today, after a slightly made wriggling - noticed though the eyes seemed to be relaxed -his tail was kept up, slightly curved....

Remind me - how many crickets in a day (we try to give him the live stuff every other day) - he's about 15"....

Last edition - is he likely to shed - if so what are the signs ?

Thanks to all - hope you're able to see the pics BeardieG

I think you have misunderstood this, can be very confusing though.
Crickets, Locusts, Mealworms, Morioworms and Roaches are a good staple (variety is the key) for Bds. But all insects need 'gutloading before being fed to your Bd. This is too get as much goodness into your Bds food.
Gutload your insects with any of the greens you would feed to your Bds.
So put you bugs in seperate tubs (or the tubs you get them in) and chuck ina few spring greens, veg, salad etc and they will demolish it. Also you can buy specially created bug food/grub.
It is worth putting in a small lid with moistened kitchen towel in with your feeder insects to keep them alive as long as poss.

Hope this helps
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