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Hi Amy

Thanks for the reply - the UV tube at present is 5% - and will replace with a higher one in 6mths as it's fairly new
Heat mat's not actually on - but as we've no heating - come winter - thought if well buried it might just help with the overall temp ?
Plans to make a longer and slightly higher this space..

Thanks for clarifying the 'gut' loading - you're right it is confusing - we are feeding them the greens and have moist kitchen towel - in the vague hope they'll last longer....we've spotted on larva already! (there is also bits of egg boxes in with them and batch were split into 2 containers)
Do you reckon will get any baby ones ..?

We've heaps of meal worms too -again in 2 containers on bran bedding - slightly moist kitchen towel and bits of dry bread....for occassional Bd treat
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