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Originally Posted by BeardieG View Post
Hi Amy

Thanks for the reply - the UV tube at present is 5% - and will replace with a higher one in 6mths as it's fairly new

I don't mean to sound rude or anything but 5% is not adequate for a Bd. You could possibnly end up with some serious health problems. They need at least 10%. They need the UV to absorb the calcium in their diet (dusted live food) without calcium they can be vulnerable to MBD. New or not you need a 10% asap.

Heat mat's not actually on - but as we've no heating - come winter - thought if well buried it might just help with the overall temp ?
Plans to make a longer and slightly higher this space..

If your viv temp drops too much in the winter then I would advise having a ceramic heat emitter with a stat and guard(but don't quote me on that, as it is something we don't have to do) Most people can advise on that (we don't need one we have 24/7 heating in the winter). But Mats are still a big no-no. Reptiles getting burnt is very common with mats and heatrocks.

Thanks for clarifying the 'gut' loading - you're right it is confusing - we are feeding them the greens and have moist kitchen towel - in the vague hope they'll last longer....we've spotted on larva already! (there is also bits of egg boxes in with them and batch were split into 2 containers)
Do you reckon will get any baby ones ..?

You will only be able to breed crix if you actually set up a breeding colony. And you will go through the small tubs of crix very quickly.

We've heaps of meal worms too -again in 2 containers on bran bedding - slightly moist kitchen towel and bits of dry bread....for occassional Bd treat

The mealworms need gutloading also, that way they make a better food.
I would also advise using locusts, roaches and morioworms, a good variety is always better IMO. All should be gutloaded to make them more nutritious. You can also use butterworms and waxworms and they can be stored in the fridge for sometime.

If you need any more advice post on the lizard section, you may get quicker replies. Or pm me if you need any more help. But you must change that UVB tube asap. It would be very irresponsible to not do this.

I don't mean to preach, I am just trying to help!

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