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Originally Posted by clob91 View Post
so, i was planning on getting a blue tongue skink, but because of their rarity this time of year, may go for a beardie insteads as i have seen a few good looking alert babies in my local rep and aqaurian shop.

cute little things they are!

so my Q's are:

1) will a 10.0 uv bulb be ok? i know it is fine for a skink which also resides in australia, but just making sure.
Yes 10.0 or up is required for BDs

2) can they be housed on coconut fibre?
(p.s. i know risk of impaction but i am not going to be feeding inside the viv anyway)
For babies it is advisable they go on no substrate, just paper etc.. For our adults we use a rough ceramic tile. But it is up to you as an adult. I personally wouldn't use coconut fibre for an agamid.

3) whats temps will needed? i have a 4ft by 2ft by 2ft viv so would i need a 100w or 120w bullb. i have a 60w bulb but doesnt seem to get up in temps.
We use a 60w spot bulb on one end of the tank for basking, attached to a dimistat and our temps are fine. For babies we try to get the basking up to 115f and for our adults we get it to 105f.

thank you!

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