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Talking Newbie with passion

Hey you guys,

Im Pete Bonza, will be surfacing around here as Bonza later on as my account activation hasnt got through the gazillion firewalls on the university account yet so im usung this account to get started (hopefully this wont annoy any of the mods)

so yea im Bonza, and iv always wanted a snake however my mother has always said no, however having worked at West Midlands Safari Park for a few months has fanned the flames of passion towards our scaley friends.

so, in short im looking for my first snake, i like corn snakes however i would be happy to listen to other suggestions about what i could have insted (maybe even a lizard!)

I think im clued up on what i need to make a good viv but obviously i dont know what i dont know, so dont shy away from saying anything no matter how basic.

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