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Originally Posted by Crown Prince Of Crime View Post
Thanks people for the advice, I have a 10 gallon Komodo tank with ventilation grill on the top and a little bit on the right hand side of the Viv. I have an Exo Terra thermometer in the middle of the glass on the left side of the Viv., I have a small-ish Habistat heat mat (about a foot long) taped to the bottom of the Viv. I think this is it Reptilekeeping The online Reptile Shop, Selling Livefoods Reptile Accessories and Equipment.
thermomitor not a digital?

you need a digital thermomitior..

do you not have a thermostat?! this is the MOST important part of ehating equipment!

and is teh ehatmat covering the whole of teh bottom of teh tank!?
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