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Default advice on royal python care!

Why is it all royal python care sheets vary so much with advice regarding temperatures and substrates??? im sure its the same for other snake care sheets aswell this is just the example that relevant to me!

i am buying a female albino royal python hatchling next month and have bought the following as a setup:-

1 x habisat pulse proportional stat
1 x habistat 17x11 mat
1 x 18 litre rub tub
2 x medium exo terra caves
2 x komodo temp/hygro measure
1 x small water bowl

i have one cave and komodo on hot end, and same on the cool end of the rub. The water bowl in the cool end aswell.
I have melted with a soldering iron the holes on the side of the rub on both sides and 4 holes in the lid one in each corner for ventelation (adequate?).
The mat covers half of the base or the tub, as otherwise dont get the temps high enough on cool end

hot end = 32-33c 40-45% humidity
cool end = 26-28c 765-70% humidity (air temp unknown!)

is the above info ok or what would be more advisable?

i am going to use newspaper as substrate, but have read when wet the ink can be harmful to your snake???
dont want to use other substrates as they are harder to penetrate heat from mat and you have the chance of mites coming in the substrate and i cant go through that again lol.

Any advice would be great as i ve never used rubs and mats before always vivs or racks with boas and brbs!

thanks all.

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