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Default Heads Up For New Owners Getting A UV Light


I found out the harsh way today that my poor male beardie's eyesight may be damaged semi permanently due to the damage done by these UV lights. They don't circulate the UV light, just send it straight down into one spot. As a result your animal will be lethargic, go off food and his energy levels will be low.
Where I had my UV bulb situated happened to be at my Beardie's favoutite spot in his cool end and as a result of him sitting under it (Its a pretty bright light) his vision has been impaired.
People are buying them because they're cheap but believe me they're doing more damage then good The petshop that sold me the product in December last year told me the rays 'bounced' so that it spread across the viv. I feel pretty dumb now, and partly to blame.
I changed my reptile retailer in March and they were the people who confirmed the damage these lights do. So big thanks to you guys at Repti-Lisious, or who knows maybe my beardie would have been blinded. Hopefully his sight will recover, although his eyes are already an amberish colour (used to be brown).

Just wanted to make sure that nobody had to learn the harsh way like I have. I'm going to invest in a strip uv light tomorrow and return to my old reptile retailer and give them hell for selling this product and so cheaply (if at all!).
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