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Default Tips For New Users Before Asking For Advice

We all know that this happens, a new user shows up on here with a problem with one of there animals, they ask for advice, and when a knowledgeable person recommends something the new user says "Thats not what my petshop told me" or "Who are you to give me advice".

A few tips to go by when asking for advice:

- Even if you do not agree with a user, please try and be respectful.

- Please try and be more descriptive when asking questions, Bad Example: "My lizard is sick what is wrong with him/her". Good Example: "I think my bearded dragon may be sick, he is lethargic, not showing any interest in food, and hasn't pooped in two days, any ideas on what could be wrong with him"

- Remember a well thought out post, will end up getting you more answers then one that is sloppy.

- Also remember that when people are suggesting a vet trip, they are not nagging you. Reptile Vets will be able to answer your questions much better then most of the users on this forum.

- Most pet stores are not qualified to diagnose illness in reptiles, however, I can not say this for all pet stores, just the vast majority. A qualified reptile vet is always the way to go.

- Be warned that using sand with certain species is a very touchy subject on here, most will tell you that sand is not a suitable substrate and reject it.

- Your vocabulary is also helpful. if something is clearly worded people are more likely to read and respond. "Mi animalz has some probz helps plz????!" Is very frustrating to read.

Thanks Guys,

I hope this helped out a bit!
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