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Originally Posted by jools View Post
Hi, It is early days yet and she could be settling in still but can you see any eggs - they should look like almonds - one either side of her belly towards her tail? Could she be about to shed - they will usually go either dull or whitish before they do and many will stop eating then. Also we could be more help if we knew what substrate you are using, what the temperature is on the floor of the warm side, has she pooped at all and if she is a similar size to the other two.
No i have had them 5 weeks now.. its bin a week with this behaviour. when i bought them the shop owner said they were all female but hard to tell 100 %. i havnt seen any eggs , what colour would they be and anywher specific would they be layed? yes it is either side near tail. all my geckos have been shedding, and still ate during it but i have heard they can refuse food when doing so. i use lino tile with a heat of around 91. all similar size.......the smallest gecko seems most dominant tho...

thanks for your help please get back to me
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