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Default Newbie - Terrapin / Turtle Advice please

Hi All
I have just purchased a second hand Juwel Rio 240 which i plan to keep a couple of yellow bellied or red eared sliders in - have not bought them yet as i obviously want to make sure everything is ready.
at the moment the only equipment i have is the juwel heater for the rio 240 - could anyone please let me know exactly what i need to purchase in order to get the turtles/terrapins in.

Filteration... what kind/model is best? =

Lighting / heating - the tank comes with a T8 light bar with two tubes - do i even need this light bar? if possible i would like the light to shine into the tank rather than being able to see too much of it out of the tank? For instance the wire lamp holder surely let ttoo much loght out the sides? or can you get reflectors to go round them?

Heating - Am i right is saying that the standard juwel heather will be ok for heating the water up

Any particular type of rocks that are essential or not ok?

i have seen that gravel can be dangerous - is there anything else that can be used to cover the bottom of the aquarium? Also how can i put plants in there if there is nothing at the bottom?

Also anything else that i have missed?

Brands etc would be helpful.

Thanks for reading

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