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Oh God - not her AGAIN
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To separate her all you need is a plastic rub (really useful box) or any other plastic box with a lid. Make some ventilation holes. Put a heatmat underneath with a mat stat. Paper towel for substrate, hides made out of toilet roll inners, margarine tubs etc., food / water / calcium bowls out of jam or coffee jar lids. Doesn't have to be too expensive and tbh if you are going to keep a group of Leos together then you really do need an emergency set-up just in case.
Separating her will allow you to better monitor what she is eating / pooing as well as for all the previous reasons I suggested. Also you might try swapping to locust instead of crix. Locust can be left in with the Leo overnight. One of my girls will only ever eat when no-one is watching and she takes her time hunting - only ever feeding in the middle of the night. Leave a bowl of mealies in the viv also.
It is very useful - especially with groups - to weigh each Leo once a week to check their progress.
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