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Originally Posted by gizmossister View Post
My chuckwalla recently laid eggs about a week and a half ago and is still going through the same process. taking her to the vets is a gd idea to check shes not egg bound or retaining any more eggs, sometimes u can feel them but in most cases only when there are alot of eggs left as they are very soft when inside her.
I gave mine a 50:50 water:calcium/vit mix as she will have drained herself laying all the eggs, she will be very tired and sleep alot for the first week or so a full 48hrs after laying, mine has only just started to purk up and u can feed her a veggie blend mix or babyfood in a seringe i just blended her usually veggies to a paste with some extra water and calcium, she probably wont eat by herself for a while i also feed mine wax worms and meal worms which i cut the heads off and put in her mouth and she tends to give them a bit of a chew and swallows if she wants them. due to ur female being so week she wont eat on her own and its usually a gd idea to separate from the male for the first week and then reintroduce which is what i did and she is perking up now and i have seen signs of her eating little bits on her own now my seringe feeding has brought her strength back up.

The vet might tell u to do a similar thing along with any pet shops u may ask, its not unusual to not eat but the pink discharge u r seeing is a bit worrying but could be due to her not eating for so long and consuming her own body fat but check with the vets anyway and take a sample of faeces if possible because they might ask for one.

Hope she is as lucky as mine and gets better this mainly happens after a very first clutch of eggs and what u have been doing so far is brilliant but u need to get her eating again even if u have to help her.

Gdluck if u want to know anything else i have used dnt hesitate to ask.
thanks huni, i can only try my best to get her better, like you said vets is the best thing at the moment, the only thing is i cant get a faeces because its water but i will see what the vet says, i will keep intouch
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