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Default Soon to be newbie! Help

Hi All

Hoping to purchase my 1st beardie beginning of November (going on holiday end of Oct so got to wait till then - its killing me!). Still doing loads of research, seem to be on this everynight sooo addictive. Just a few questions for now if anybody can help.
Basking spot - can you just buy a spotlight from supermarket or does it has to be a reptile basking spot? Was going to get a dimming thermostat, does that sound good.
Livefood - want to get in a routine eg when i buy the food, how many days feedings live food before feeding to beardie. How often do you feed the livefood?
Any good websites for buying equipment, looking for a 4x2x2 viv cheapest ive found is 80 which seems cheap but am still shopping around for other abits.
Any advice appeciated.
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