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I'm also doing my research for my first beardie. I got my basking bulb from B&Q, 100w spotbulb, believe it was 1.28 for 2, ive heard this is sufficient for a 4 x 2 x2 viv. I also have a dimming thermostat, Habistat branded, try ebay as they sometimes have them cheaper. I was told to feed the crickets the day before giving them to my beardie, feed them with the things you would your dragon like Spring green stalkes, dandelion, also you can feed porrige oats, crickets need water too but they tend to drown in bowls of it so either purchase bug gel which is a gel form of water or a small pieve of sponge or moistened kitchen roll to keep them hydrated. You feed your beardie 2-3 times a day, as many as it will eat in 10-15 mins. Removing all insects it doesn't eat as they bite the beardie. I bought my stuff from

Reptilekeeping The online Reptile Shop, Selling Livefoods Reptile Accessories and Equipment.

Ive found it to be very good price wise and everything's been fine, no returns. Im sure you'll get more advice from more experienced keepers as this is only what ive learnt over the last 6months. Anything else I can help with just reply on this thread or give me a PM

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