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Originally Posted by Longy View Post
Hi All, Hey, good luck when you get your new baby, dunno how you're coping with the wait at all =]

Hoping to purchase my 1st beardie beginning of November (going on holiday end of Oct so got to wait till then - its killing me!). Still doing loads of research, seem to be on this everynight sooo addictive. Just a few questions for now if anybody can help.
Basking spot - can you just buy a spotlight from supermarket or does it has to be a reptile basking spot? Was going to get a dimming thermostat, does that sound good. - I prefer the 80wt Spotlight from homebase. Its this one It does perfectly for a 4x3x2, so dont think you'd need a higher wattage.
Livefood - want to get in a routine eg when i buy the food, how many days feedings live food before feeding to beardie. How often do you feed the livefood? - I feed my live food every day, when i feed all of my salad eating animals their greens/veg, i just chuck a tiny amount in with the food. Unless it is morio's, which come with food. I just put calcium in their tub and shake it around. That way they are eating the calcium.
Any good websites for buying equipment, looking for a 4x2x2 viv cheapest ive found is 80 which seems cheap but am still shopping around for other abits. - thats really cheap for that viv, go for it. I'd recommend the dome fittings for the spot bulb, they are great and look good. just make sure if you want to get those bulbs that you get the screw fitting one.
Any advice appeciated.
Advice is remember you're supplements and that vets are now recommending UV bulbs get changed every 3-4 months!
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