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Welcome to the club !

we've also recently accquired a Beardie (Godzilla) -like you there's a lot of advice out there - fand it's probably a bit of a cheek coming from a fairly new owner too ....
so in very general terms - from what I've read/gleaned so far...(as the saying goes - 'if you know different' - please feel free to update in a gentle way...)

Measure/ and check alertness signs for a healthy beardie...

But from what I've read so far - I think Household bulbs are okay - providing you.
have at least 1 source of uvb/uva light source - the other point to BIM is how hot the vivarioum temperature gets - about the 100F seems to be the most consist temperature guide for peak times - allowing it to drop to around 60/65F overnight (using timers on light) - so guage the Watts to what it raises the temp to...which will depend on the size of the vivarium...

Heating mats/ heat rocks - you'll see them on various sites and mention in postings - however they appear to be a no, no - Beardies like heat from above not below (ours came with a heatmat - but may move it out to the other side - as come winter - we may still have no heating at present) - and heat rocks tend to have 'hot' spots - rather than give ambient heat....

Feeding - this depends on the age - seems to be 3 kind of stages -baby/ juvenille/ adult - adults appear to need less live feeds and more veggie stuff (they are omnivores) - remember to dust veg with a multi vitamin powder and dust live food with a calcium powder (before digestion - some give a guide of 48hrs before - ours are normally dusted prior to eating..oops)
As a rough size for size of live food - measure distance between it's eyes - if it's bigger - it's probably too big to digest !

Again from what I've read - (still guaging how many crickets ours should be having as he's more of an adult -about 15" in length) - it seems a 'live' feed every other day is best (dependant on age ) - although we've been letting ours have an odd smallish one almost daily and increasing on alternate days to about 4 with an odd mealworm every now and then ..(if this is a bad practice or not enough - let me know)
I get the impression - that they could just eat more than required - 'cause it there...???? LOL

Also - most of the live food sites eg or - offer either bulk amounts of smaller containers (think the smallest batch we've found was 25) - also sell vivariums etc..

Bulk buying - you may loose some in the process of feeding - depending how many you feed your beardie -we've split our batch and have been feeding them various veg/ dry food ('gut loading) - to keep them going (and possible breed ?) - same with our mealworms (which we have copious amounts) - all they need is stale bread / dry matter like oatflakes/bran / crushed dog biscuits - both crickets/ mealworms having moist kitchen towel as a drink source

Do check out what veg is suitable - so far from advice I've read and been given on this forum - if your in the UK - staple green - dandelion leaves/flower (wash first)/ squash -grating seems to be easier to tackle ...
occassional foods kale - avoiding the chunky stalk/viens (we roughly tear it into small pieces - and various views on this)/ grated carrot// courgette/ red pepper/ runner beans (split and chopped small) - there are some great food chart lists - check following posting - - but as mentioned - I've been trying to seek UK based veggie stuff - which I maybe able to get at our local market...

Also place veg bits in a bowl - to stop too much sand/substrate being digested - same with any worm based food - place in bowls
Provide small bowl of water - some advise not tap water....
With live jumping food - best to make sure they're eaten before night fall - as I've read they may sometimes bit your Beardie....

Vivariums range in prices - but we might build our own as some of them seem to be very exspensive for what appears to a basic design - again lots of useful threads/ videos....and area for size of Beardie seems to be the most importance feature to consider....

Hope this gives you some 'feelers' - but check the forum or post questions - someone somewhere - will probably have a view...Good Luck

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