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Thank you Ripply, good advice with the card board mate, not sure i can put him through that though. I love him dearly and hate to see him distressed!!

I did pretty much exactly what you said but i used the syringe to open his mouth wider.

I'm gonna try with a cotton bud in the morning, that's what the vet did ya see but still i need to know how i can keep him calm.

Check out this vid on youtube, YouTube - How not to medicate your snake

That kind of distress is the last thing i want for my kitoko!

He has had a bit of a shaded past where he was given live food which turned on him leaving him with a fair few scars, Probably why i fell for him lol
However he has always been a good feeder and shedder for the reptile centre i got him from.

I just don't understand why he was so calm for the vet but not for me?? What am i doing wrong?
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