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Originally Posted by April Taylor View Post
just an idea, will let you know if they take me up on it, but I am going to go and have a word with one of the reporters here, (i work for the local paper) about getting some good press into the paper about snakes, or rather, disputing the bad press from recently!

Thinking of knocking up some basic facts, average size of each of the commonly known types of python, royal, burm, retic, etc and what they actually eat in captivity, how we care for them etc.

what you think, good idea or bad idea?

sorry, moved to snake section, having brain failure!
i do belive publishing an approximate size of each snake, especialy when moving towards the larger snakes species would only make people fear them worse. I would honestly see this as a bad idea, as like i say people would only stereotype a 20ft burm or retic as a 'killer' and wouldn't see it as a really good companion. If you were to publish good things about snakes i feel this would only mislead amatur collectors into buying snakes unaware to how to look after them and this would lead to a substaitial increase in rehomes and snakes being ill treated.

This is how i would look at it, but in the end its your decision


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