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not patronising at all. i welcome the input. i was thinking of separating them. they have been incubated for female but better be safe than sorry, they seem to cuddle up alot, but thats probably nothing, ive seen no signs of fighting.

as i only have 1 viv would getting a rubinside the viv, for one of them, that is too high for them to climb out and keeping one bit warm be an idea?

i weighed them but i think my scales are abit out. i put the container on the scales before i turned it on so it read 0. i know the tub weighs 30 g. then when i put it back on with the leo inside it read 5g :S

ill post up picks when i can find my cable for my phone later on. they look healthy but this weight seems to be rather low, and im a little worried now
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