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i agree. i will weigh them again when i get back in on sunday, as ive got work all weekend. my mum has kindly offered to look after them for the next couple of days

when they walk on my hand the definately dont feel 5 g! i will post pics up tommorow as the cable is still be elusive, but i think i know where it is.would having 2 rubs be an idea? 1 for each, i know it sounds daft but i dont want one to be having and 1 not to be having, if that makes any sense at all.

what would you say would be a good weigh, i am guessing around then 20g mark? and if they are abit underweight. would a couple of wax worms a week help boost them up, as i went to speak to a guy today and he said that they can be dangerous for babies as they can release a certian chemical and as they are so small this could hurt them, but he wasnt sure and i definately wasnt so i gave them a miss for now till i know if they are fine. also ordered some small crix today just to see if they take a shining to them.

i know what you mean about breeding and incubating for sex, its not an exact science. so i will take your advice, at least till i know for sure the sex
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