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Hi there, yes two rubs would be good - all mine are kept in rubs until they are either sold or old enough to be grouped together (dependant on sex, size, character) or some do need keeping single. For my adults I do like proper vivariums - just me but seems nicer for them. As I said they can vary in weight at any age but around 20g (give or take about 5g) would be about right. Wax worms - my opinion is DON'T. They are not necessary. It would be like feeding a small child chocolate to increase their weight - very fatty with no nutritional value. They are not harmful but can become addictive. Just make sure all the food you give your Leos is well gut loaded. I like to feed mine a variety - babies get locust, Dubia roaches and mainly mealworms. Crix are fine - I don't feed them because I hate them and they always escape. Once your little ones are separated I am sure they will both (after a few days settling in to new quarters) start to feed well and have no need for waxies. I know this must all seem like a bit of a fuss but I also can tell that you really care and want the best for them. As they mature it should get easier. I look forward to seeing some pics, Julie
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