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finally found the cable and my phone

this is both of them together:

this is 1 of them:

this is the other:

this is the viv they live in atm: changes have been made:

this is what happened to my finger when making the viv lol, top part got chopped off with a stanely blade...whoops:

sorry about grainy pics, my phone camera isnt that great and dont own a digi cam.
i came back today and they have gotten bigger noticeably, and demolished nearly all the food i left for them.

am gonna take you advice and separate them as soon as i can find big enough rubs. also gonna start feeding them seperatly. i weighed them again today and they are 7-8g now. i think maybe they was a little under nourished but things seem to be on the up. got small crix on order and they should be available mid week so that is when they will be seperated
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