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To put this in a quick way (im crap at typing hence the quick version or ill be here all night )

Didnt poo for five weeks, went off food totally, keeping him going on baby food mixed with repto boost in water ,calcium and protein.
Had six poo's on friday just gone, still wont eat,is stressed in viv (dont know why ) if you want to see pics of viv look on my profile. Im not sure if he likes it im thinking of going for a wooden one maybe he needs more privacy ???????? who knows ?
Still wont eat any live food, never ate greens. Seems to go in the cave all the time but loves it outside running around etc he seems to come to life.
The temps are good (check them few times a day ) new uv there you have it a quick run down.
Ive contacted the vet via email tonight apologising for my cockup and her wasted time.
I wish there was a exotic vet closer to rotherham
Any way a family member said they would help with the next appointment
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