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Originally Posted by xweeqtx View Post
You want to be getting yourself a test kit that will test Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. Ideally you're waiting around for Ammonia & Nitrite to stay at a stable 0 reading for at least a week before adding fish. Using fish food to produce waste for the filter is one way of doing it, or adding ammonia from a bottle is another way. It's a long, drawn out process but it does prevent fish from ammonia or nitrite poisoning. You're looking at approx 4-6 weeks cycling. And after those results are stable, do a large 40% water change and you're ready to stock you're tank

You should be able to find a step by step Fishless Cycling log online

Personally I've never used any "quick start" bottles of cycling stuff, because the bacteria doesn't live long so therefore any bacteria once live in that bottle will be dead by the time you purchase it. Just another gimmick to make money. You could ask for mature media from a friend, or someone near by if they are willing to seed you're filter which will drastically cut down you're cycling time! Unfortunately someone sending it out in the post would also be useless.
Brilliant advice, exactly how I started mine off with a fish less cycle. The PH depends on fish but if you source general tropical fish from near by but nothing at either extreme like discus or cichlids then they will most probably be working with water of the roughly the same PH as you. Remember not to load your tank all at once just a few fish at a time. Good luck with the new tank.
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