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Red face New beardie owner

Hi everyone

Just joined the forum as a new beardie owner. Any advice from more experienced owners would be greatly recieved.

I think I am doing ok tho.
My bearded dragon is called Bruce Lee and he is now 12wks old. We have had him almost 5wks & he seems very healthy and lively. He eats well, seems to prefer locusts to crickets, and he loves cucumber, sweet potato, lettuce & radish.
I haven't noticed him drinkin from his dish but he gets alot of moisture from his veg & I do spray him occassionally.
He has shed fully twice already so I am taking that as a good sign. Quite funny the 2nd time cos as he shed, his old skin lifted & curled away from his body making him look as tho he had wings like a real dragon!! lol

Something I have noticed tho that I would be interested in getting your opinions on - I handle him daily & alot of the time when i am stroking his head he closes his eyes!! Is this the sweet little sign that he likes it (almost like a cat would purr)? Or is he scared??

Any comments/advice would be great, as would tips on caring for him.

Thank u
Dana x
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