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Question Insect/Cabinet questions

Probably a few dumb questions,but im wondering... I got a kricket keeper for my crickets, it come with food "bowls". Really just plastic lids. Are the crix smart enough to know the food is in the lids and be able to get to then? What about putting them in my fridge for a while before feeding to slow them down lol . My fridge is quite cold, on the highest setting i'd imagine. Would 5 minutes do, or 10? Last couple questions, For mealies and other insects, would putting them in a tupperware box with a few holes in do, or should i leave them in the plastic tub they came in untill feeding? And FINALLY, am having a bit of trouble with my viv cabinet. I think its too big for my vivarium, plus having problems with putting it up. Would it be okay to put the vivarium on the floor, just for now,until i sort a cabinet for it? Bearing in mind ihave six cats and don't want to stressthe beardie out? Phew! That was long, any answers would be GREATLY appreciated.
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