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whats the optimum humidty and how is this best requlated?

i keep my humidity between 50-60 and it goes higher when i mist the cage(i do this three times a day)

uvb do i use the spiral bulbs or tube does it matter?

linear tubes are better the spiral bulbs are known to cause eye problems.

heat source in the basking area should i be looking for 70-80degrees our over this during the day?

this depends on the age of the chameleon babies need a much cooler basking spot.My 11 month old likes a basking area of between 88-90f

handling can i handle them reqularly or not the pet shop says i can the internet not im very confused!!!!

this is a very argumentitive subject with cham owners,again it depends on the chameleon.Some seem to enjoy being handled whereas others are very aloof and won't tolerate it at all.Mine will tolerate handling when HE wants it and no other time.Females tend to be a bit more friendly,but come with other worries such as egg binding as they lay eggs regardless of being mated.

i would say get your set up sorted for a few weeks before you get the chameleon so you can monitor temps and make sure they are pretty steady.
then go get the chameleon from a breeder if possible,and once you have it get a faecal sample done to check no parasites are present.

good luck

it's just me christine
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