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Default Help needed about terrapins!!!

Ok so im not as clued up as i thought i might be on this housing malarky!!! Ive got a few questions needing answered if someone wouldnt mind sparing me a minute or two!!!

Heating and Lighting for a terrapin lost!!!! I was told that a UVA light is essential, but the more i read it seems to be a UVB that is needed?? Also i thought this was for the basking area but when i look at peoples set ups they seem to have another lamp over the basking area and a UV tube light running the length of the tank. Is the purpose of the UV light to heat the water?? If so is a heater sufficent instead of a UV light or do you need both, if you need both, can i ask why?!?!? Also the spotlight above the basking area, does it have to be anything specific???

Help would be very much appreciated, id rather get it right first time than hav a poor turt unwell due to me being clueless!!!!

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