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Have you tried tubbing her? Seems to be the best bet - works for me majority of the time.
If I were you I would leave her alone, somewhere quiet for a week, only go in to change the water then defrost a pink, get it really, really warm and put her and it in a dark tub somewhere, wax worm pots are good for really small hatchlings or a cricket tub if she's a bit bigger, cover her with a tea towel and leave her as long as possible. Works most time.
Word of warning though, if you are going to do this don't leave her in the cricket tub unattended - escapes can and DO happen (I know - it happened to me) so cover the cricket tub with a tea towel and put it inside her RUB/Faunarium so even if she escapes from the tub she isn't going far.
Good luck with it - non feeders are the worst. If you have tried that let me know - there are loads of options.
EDIT - oh, sorry - just read they are housed together. You NEED to rectify this ASAP. How can you say they are housed together with no problem?! One isn't eating - that is a problem.
Seperate them then try the above after a week in her new enclosure.
I won't go into the debate of co-habiting but it shouldn't be done with snakes under 12 months - hatchlings (of any species) can and will cannabilise! Also not advisable to house a male and female, or two males - of any age together and as they are unsexed I think you are better safe than sorry.
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