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Unhappy corn snake wont eat after mouth rot

hi there,right here goes,i responded to a advert on the internet about a adult amel corn snake,i arranged to pick him up and the day before i was due to collect they txt me and said "they fed it the night before and now its got something wrong with its mouth"they said they were treating it with dilute TCP so i said id have alook.i got there and one side of his lower jaw looked like it had'nt re aligned propely,anyway i took him home got a friend to check him and she quickly bathed it with iodine(dilute) i carried this on at home and booked him into the vets,they told me to carry on and also gave me some baytril,now 3 weeks on his mouth has healed and he has got more lively but he is still refusing to eat ive offered him smaller mice but still no interest.any advice would be great please
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