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Question Advice on Uromastyx?

I am new to reptile keeping pretty much, besides having baby sat for a friends geckos whilst she was on holiday and also working in a pet shop. i have near no experience with keeping them myself, having focused mostly on small animals in my time.
Recently i have been looking into getting a Mali Uromastyx for myself, and have learnt all the basics, apart from a couple of things:

Firstly, i know they need UVA and (most importantly) UVB rays, but which specific bulb/s and wattage of bulb, is best to get for this? there are so many! the vivarium i plan to purchase is about 92 x 40 x 40 cm, if thats any help?

and also, is it best to get a male or a female? I have heard the Female Uros are friendlier, but i have also heard they can prolapse when laying eggs, which worries me.

Any advice appreciated. thank you ^_^
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