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Talking what reptile is appropriate??????//!

i really want to get a reptile, but i dont know which one would be good for a first time reptile owner. btw, im not just gonna go out and get one, put it in a tank, and watch it die because i cant look after it. i might actually not get a reptile a all. heres the info lol:
i have a 100 litre fish tank, its a hexagonal shape, and its ,more upwards, lol, if u get wat i mean: its like higher than it is wide lol
heres the reptiles i might get, and the reasons i want them:
green anole, because i just love them lol, they are cute, and, also, because they are aboreal and my tank is tall lol
leopard gecko, because they dont need uv light, and im not really allowed to use lots and lots of electricity
heres some reptiles i like a bit/i like / cant really look after/get/dont know much about yet lol:
house gecko
salamander: terrestrial/ i dont know an exact type
small terrapin thing? frog, maybe?
oh, and i like leaf katydids, they are a kind of grasshopper thing lol
oh, and i like armadillo lizards and bearded dragons and calotes

oh, my tank used to house fish, but then it sprang a leak at the top so we got a new tank, so i could put some water in it, but not a lolt

PLZ FORGIVE NEWBIE NESS! and kid ness lol
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