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ty, i will get a picture of my viv sorted soon, when she is on top of the plats she is within touching distance of the uv light as there is a wire across te top that leads to the uv that she lies on. im not 100% sure what the cool and hit tempratures are as i was instructed by the pet store to put a thermometre in the centre and get an average it is about 32 degrease celcius in there centre of the viv, one more thing that mite help you with this is that i have the heat lamp set to a habistat which sounded like a good idea at the time as it would keep my tempratures at the correct heat troughout the day and night but now im thinking about it, this is preventing the heat lamp from being on properly during the day so there isnt really much light for her to bask under hope the info i have provided has helped you out a bit i have had her for about 2 weeks now and i left it for a couple of days before i went near her. the only problem is that i cannot put my hand near her for her o get used to me as she is at the top of the tank tucked away by the uv light :/ ooh and yes i do have a rock and a log for her to bask on

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