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Right, now, I don't keep beardies and I'm hoping that a more experienced keeper will be along soon. Firstly tho the lights should be turned off at night - room temperature is usually fine. You should have a thermostat - that is good but you really, really do need to know what the temps are - at least at the basking spot and a digital thermometer is best, the dial ones are often way out. If the thermostat is making your basking bulb too dull then swap to a lower watt bulb - what are you using now? If she is trying to get away from the basking spot then perhaps it is too hot or perhaps she is trying to get more heat from the uv as the basking spot is too cold. Without knowing accurate temperatures (and these are about the most critical thing) it is impossible to know. Put the thermometer at the basking spot for now, get a reading and post pics.
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