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Originally Posted by IntraVenus View Post
A family member has some babies and has said we can have one! I'm just wondering what equiptment I'll need?

I'm guessing the basics will be a tank, food bowl, some plastic foliage.
your looking to have a 4ftx2ftx2ft minimum for an adult and its easier to start with that from a baby to save money on multiple tanks. you'll need a hide a basking log/rock, foliage if you like, waterbowl, foodbowl.

Do I need heat lamps or pads? Or both? I know it needs a warm end and a cooler end. Should I get the little stick on thermometers for each end?
A heat bulb of the wattage that works for the right size tank will be sufficient and UVB tube (get the arcadia D3+, you'll need a starter unit to run this off) use digital thermometers, as stick on are inaccurate.

Also, what flooring should I use in the tank? Can I use something reusable? Lino, paper towels, Newspaper, slate tile.

What do you feed yours on day to day? And does one get lonely on it's own. We arent at home during the day so we could always get two if it would make it happier! crickets, locusts, cockroaches, butterworms, superworms/meal worms, phoenix worms. Nope beardies are territorial and males will fight with males once mature and males will bother females constantly so one on its own will be fine

Also, does anyone know any cheap online suppliers of reptile accessories? have pretty much the best prices.
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