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Default First Time Leo Owner

Hi guys,

Just to introduce myself, I'm James, and I live in Leamington Spa in the Midlands.

So I'm new to this but have been doing my research for quite sometime now, I was going to get a leo about a year ago but was in the middle of moving and it kinda fell through as I had so much on etc. Now I think I'm ready to home my first reptile (Leo).

Now I've been looking at different vivs and I think I want to go for a 3X2X2 or slightly smaller to house a single leo (they dont get lonely do they?), if you think this would sufice? And if I can, it would be great to find a viv pretty much ready to go.

So I'm thinking of budget here, could I get a viv of this size, its habitat, and a Leo for around about 100? Can stretch further if needed, and might just go all out after seeing some Tremper Bandits, their colours are so vivid, gorgeous little critters!

Any help would be much appreciated

Oh and if anyone knows of good reptile shops in Warwickshire/West Midlands that would help a bunch too



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