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I would suggest that there would be many worse things you could keep your gecko on than calci sand, I have never personally encountered any problems with it at work or known anyone that has had problems with it for their geckos, but I have heard tell of people having impaction problems, at any rate I think it's safer than normal sand. I would advise juveniles are kept on paper or paper towels which are much safer and more hygenic (and cheap!), I use paper as a safe bed for my geckos and snakes if I have any medical issues with them (mites ect). Adult geckos seem to be less at risk of impaction but (I think) good alternatives would include a slate tiled floor (to a wooden viv!) or slate stones with a little cali sand to hold them in place, minimising the chance of impaction opportunity, some people use reptile carpet or lino or but I have never tried any of these, apparently the reptile carpet can have loose threads occasionally, may be a bit rough and not sure how easy it is to clean and very smooth glossy lino aside from being an unnatural surface may be hard for a gecko to move on. Some stone-textured matt-type lino MAY be more suitable, plus sides, nothing to get caught on or swallow, easy to clean. (I've not tried this but it's been suggested to me before and would be interesting to see how suitable it is and if anyone sees any potential problems with this?)

Just a few ideas as R0NST3R said do what YOU think is right, and chose the substrate which balances minimal risk to your gecko whilst providing as natural an environment as possible. (obvious!) lol
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