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Originally Posted by LisaLQ View Post
Why chop the tree down? I'd have frogmarched them back to their parents and told them to stop their kids from trespassing.

We had kids come into our garden a lot (to collect balls etc despite it being a no ball games street) before we got Blu. Funny how a great dane makes kids much more polite - they come to the door and ask first now! And if it happens more than once or twice, their ball becomes Blu's ball!
Just because kids will be kids and I didn't want them tempted into getting in to trouble - nicking fruit off a fruit tree isn't exactly the most terrible crime.My mum did speak to one of their parents but they didn't want to know. I just don't want to run the risk of the dogs biting any of them because the law would not be on my side. I don't think they would bite them............. well maybe the heeler would - just a little taste though
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