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Originally Posted by queenquack View Post
impaction is a huge risk! and even if it isnt a huge risk why take it??
i have my adult leo on kitchen roll as it easy to clean and cheep. it also alows all the heat from the mat through. its important they get heat on ther tums so they can digest. the mat is attacted on the out side of my glass tank atm. i am considering moving him onto lino tiles as they are easy to wipe down. i will move the heat pad into the tank but under the tiles if i get them.

please stear clear of sand and fine substates. iv seen a poor beardie ge put down coz his idiot owner had him on fine wood chips and didnt want to pay for the vet care.

best of luck

xx alice
Sorry to hijack the thread but just had to sound a word of warning to the above. If you have a glass tank it could well crack if you do this due to heat stress. The recommendation is that you always stick a heatmat UNDER a glass tank and stand the tank on little feet to give some airflow under it. You could still use lino inside the tank tho.
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