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Originally Posted by JamesEK4 View Post
Thanks Crown Prince Of Crime and queenquack, much needed advice. I did think they would need a longer rather than taller viv. I've got my eye on a bit of a package which includes:

Viv - 610mmX380mmX300mm
One large hide

Water bowl
Heat-mat with habistat thermostat
Wall thermometer
Heat light with cover
Glass door-lock
Piece of driftwood

It was used to house a corn snake originally and looks to be fine (pending a good clean)
Is there anything else I might need to add to this? food, calcium, and nutrobal?

Thanks in advance


you will need to dust food with nutrobal some days and calcium others- most people use calcium 5 days and nutrobal two- but you will also need calcium available at all times- just pop some in a plastic milk bottle lid.

you will also need more than one hide (at least one in the warm end and one in the cool end)

also a moist hide to aid in shedding- just cut a doorway in a cricket tub (make sure edges are not sharp) and fill with damp spaghnum moss or kitchen towel. spray daily to keep moist. adult females also favour these over laying boxes for their eggs in my experience.

if you are using a heatlamp rather than a heatmat (i use lamps but some favour mats) use a coloured bulb. you will not need both though.

also, what substrate are you planning on using?

i have found lino to be the best flooring to use- no chance of impaction, nowhere for crickets to hide, the easiest thing in the world to keep clean, and also the added bonus that when females are gravid they use the laying box or moist hide rather than digging up the entire enclosure, which makes checking for eggs so much easier lol!!!

oh, and you might also want a mealworm bowl if you plan on feeding them, they get everywhere otherwise!!

good luck finding your first leo- as mentioned above i would buy from a breeder on here rather than a shop- its easier to find people who keep detailed records and you can see the setup/conditions/parents etc. shops often have no idea where the leos are from, age, parents, any health probs...

like sugar & cyanide...
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